Which online poker rooms are supported by Hall of Hands Studio?

Currently, Hall of Hands Studio supports Zynga Poker rooms.

Which Zynga poker games does the studio support?

Hall of Hands Studio can make poker TV shows from Texas Hold 'em, 2-10 Players, Cash Tables and Tournaments.

How do I register?

There are two ways to register. When you use Hall of Hands Studio, you'll be prompted to register with your Facebook account after posting your poker TV show. You can also register at the login prompt when you launch Hall of Hands Studio on your desktop.

Can I create more than one user at Hall of Hands Studio?

One user is permitted for each Facebook account that you manage.

What does it mean when my hole cards pop up from the taskbar?

Whenever hole cards are dealt, Hall of Hands Studio will automatically begin tracking the game action for a future poker TV show. The hole cards pop-up is there to notify you that your current hand is being tracked and can be published and posted.