WHow do I add my online poker hand data to Hall of Hands Studio?

Hall of Hands automatically collects your online poker hand data when you play poker in any Zynga Poker room, so you'll be ready to create a poker TV show the moment you've finished a hand.

How many poker videos can I create?

In the Beta version you can publish as many poker shows as you want but its limited to two shows per an hour.

How do I create my poker show?

Hall of Hands Studio automatically collects the poker data from all of the hands you play. Just choose the hand you want to re-enact, click "publish", and the Studio will automatically convert your poker hand into a professional video. Your game will become a stunning poker TV show complete with professional commentary, live reactions, flop shots, pot size and much more!

Can I choose the actor who will re-enact me?

We're working on it, and soon you'll be able to choose your own character.

Can I choose the location for my show?

We're working on it, and soon you'll be able to choose your own character.>

Where are all of my poker TV shows stored?

All your played hand will be saved in the Hall of Hands website archive. Soon, you will be able to access your personal archive, watch and share old poker shows and publish new ones.

Can my friends share my poker TV show after I post it on my Facebook wall?

Yes. Just make sure your Facebook status setting is "public" if you want to be able to share your poker TV show and allow your friends to share it from your wall.

Can every hand be converted into a poker TV show?

Any hands you will choose. You can pick up to two hands per hour, and publish them as a poker shows.

Can I watch other players' poker TV shows?

Absolutely! The Hall of Hands website is a poker show archive where you can follow the hands of other players from around the globe.

Where can I watch all my poker TV shows?

All poker TV shows can be viewed from the Hall of Hands website.

How can I follow a specific player?

Every show contains a "follow" button near the publisher name (above the video screen).