How do I brag?

Once you click on the 'Publish' button in Hall of Hands Studio, your poker TV show is created in minutes and posted on your Facebook wall. You'll also receive an email notification with a link to your show in case your friends or poker buddies don't have Facebook.

How can I watch my shows?

Click on the link posted on Facebook or in the email sent to you upon creation of your show in order to access a specific poker TV show. You can also access all of your poker shows at any time via the Hall of Hands website.

Can I embed my poker TV shows in my site/blog?

Currently, Hall of Hands poker videos can be shared by link only and cannot be embedded.

Can I share my poker TV shows with others?

Poker TV shows are made for bragging! You can easily share a show from the page on which you viewed it by clicking the 'Share' button, Twitter, Google+, or by sending the page link.