What is Hall of Hands Studio?

Hall of Hands Studio is a Windows desktop poker hands re-player application that provides you with the ultimate in poker bragging; automatic re-enactments of poker hands you've played that you can post on Facebook. Your hands are recreated as a poker TV show with real-life actors, running commentary, genuine player reactions, hole cards cam and awesome locations.

How can I start using the Hall of Hands Studio?

Click here to download the Hall of Hands Studio application. The installation instructions will prompt you to approve and save the Studio on your desktop. Next, start playing poker online at your favorite poker room.

Can I download and use it for FREE?

Yes! Hall of Hands Studio is a free application. Free to download and free to use. Click here to download it now.

With which web browsers is Hall of Hands Studio compatible?

Hall of Hands Studio is fully compatible with Internet Explorer (8 and up), Chrome and Firefox.

Do I have to download and install the Studio?

Yes. Hall of Hands Studio is a native Windows application, meaning download and install are required.

Can I use the Hall of Hands Studio on my smart phones or tablets?

No! The Hall of Hand Studio is a native Windows application. You can watch published poker TV shows on Hall of Hands web site on smartphones and tablets.

Is the Hall of Hand Studio safe to use?

Yes! The Hall of Hands Studio is a "VeriSign" approved application, it carries a VeriSign Trust Seal. VeriSign is a third party company that checks and grants a Trust Seal to softwares after being checked and approved as "clean" ( without any viruses, Trojan horses Etc. ).